Cycling in Urban AreasThe European Commission of Communications and Tourism has recently officially acknowledged that cycling is the most important means of transportation in urban settings.

The Commission’s final report that was submitted at the European Parliament indicates the need for expanding funding opportunities to those that promote and support cycling.

The report aims at promoting the definition of “successful uniformity”, which is based on the effective use of all transportation means.

Promoting biking is the core of a transportation system that will achieve environmental sustainability, and at the same time bring economic and social development.

Unfortunately in Cyprus, using bicycles is not part of our daily routines. Even if the public had the good intentions to use bicycles, there aren’t any proper cycling routes, street signs and security.

The amending report by ETRA (European Two-Wheel Retailers’ Association) suggests a 20% increase in funding for the development of cycling by 2020. The report will be sent to vote in July 2010.

It’s pleasant to see that there has been a recent increase in the use of bicycles by young people in the old city of Nicosia. This is a clear indication that young people are environmentally aware and care about their quality of life. Now, the only thing necessary is to set the proper bases for everyone to consider the alternative transportation of cycling, and do so in safety and comfort.


Alexia Sakadaki – 13/7/2010

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