Monsanto_kalampoki-1-NAIA research on genetically modified corn has sparked reactions of shock. A French university conducted a secret scientific study on the effects of the genetically modified corn and the ‘Round up’ pesticide produced by Monsanto company. The revelations of the survey that have gone public have astonished the whole world.
For many years, the Monsanto company operating in the United States of America produces genetically modified corn, which it infuses with a pesticide also produced by the company and known with the commercial name ‘Round up’. From time to time many attempts have been made globally to research on the effects of the Monsanto products, but the company’s lobbyists had not allowed the investigations to be completed. Hence, the French scientists maintained top secrecy.

The survey results are shocking and raise many concerns as the animals used for the purposes of the in-vivo research suffered multiple tumours and premature death, hepatic and kidney diseases, while the females suffered of breast tumours. The survey was conducted over an elongated time period in three groups. The first group was given the genetically modified corn, the second group was given the genetically modified corn and the ‘Round up’ herbicide (which is widely used in Cyprus) and the last group was given plain [non-genetically modified] corn which was treated with the aforementioned herbicide.

The results of the published research show that 50% of the male and 70% of the female animals used for the research prematurely lost their lives. The kidney and liver damage caused by the use of Monsanto’s products had a direct impact on their lifespan.

The Greens have been watching the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with great concern for years and have been warning accordingly. Combating the effects of genetically modified products on the human organism is, perhaps, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

The Government should investigate with full responsibility and seriousness the possibility that these products circulate the Cypriot market. It is worth noting that many animal feeds imported to Cyprus contain genetically modified corn. Subsequently, and according to the study, the animals reared on the island may have already suffered carcinomas and other liver malfunctions. In addition, the use of the ‘Round up’ herbicide in agriculture should be immediately banned, and Cyprus should be declared an area free from genetically modified organisms. The Government should immediately investigate the issue and protect the citizens.

Alexia Sakadaki

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