PuppyAnimal poisoning is unfortunately a very common phenomenon in Cyprus. It is estimated that around 10,000 animals are killed every year due to such illegal actions (especially cats and dogs). It is noted that some people in Cyprus deal with their differences by poisoning their “enemy’s” pets. The government has a great responsibility, since it should make an effort to prohibit this illegal practice.

As the Cypriot Commissioner of Health of the European Union, Mrs. A. Vasiliou has recently argued, poisons (drugs) that have been restricted from the European Union are produced and sold in Cyprus. The Cyprus Green Party investigated the accusation and it seems that indeed two poisons were produced and sold in Cyprus, while two others are imported and sold without any restriction.

The Cyprus Green Party and the animal welfare organizations have attempted to collect signatures for the immediate suppression of animal poisoning and for a governmental effort to end the poisoning of animals.

The signatures were delivered to the President of the Parliament and the Minister of Justice. Additionally, they will be delivered to the Ministers of Agriculture and Interior.

  • 10,000 signatures have been collected.
  • A network group in facebook was created and it was linked to an online petition.
  • Events against the use of lanate and furatan were successfully organized.
  • The Cyprus Green Party published press releases and arranged press conferences against the use of lanate and furatan.
  • The MP of the Cyprus Green Party, Mr. George Perdikes, submitted written questions to the Parliament (question number and he presented a draft legislation related to the prohibition of dangerous pesticides in Cyprus.

Thanks to the full support of the conscious and caring people of Cyprus, the petition succeeded. The Minister of Agriculture in his answer to the question of Mr. Perdikes in Parliament replied that the Furatan would be prohibited by the 13th of December 2008. Further to that, continuing the petition, the Cyprus Green Party strongly supported the prohibition of the hazardous pesticide Lanate. By 18th of March 2009 it should not be found or used or sold in Cyprus, as it is considered to be a highly dangerous poison.

It is considered to be a successful petition, overwhelmingly by people who care for their health and for animals. Great things can be achieved when people unite their voices and together fight for a better existence. The Cyprus Green Party is proud for what has been achieved through such a long-lasting and time-consuming petition. Let us all continue to shape our future in an environmentally healthy and green planet.


Alexia Sakadaki – 16/4/2009

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