Methomyl useMethomyl is a dangerous pesticide, especially for animals, as it is widely used for animal poisoning. Unfortunately, the last years, animal poisoning is increasing without any impact on those who cruelly murder animals.

The European Commission has decided to re-introduce the methomyl use for vegetable crops within the European Union therefore the pesticide will be again available in Cyprus market. The past experience should make us wiser about the use of the pesticide in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Green Party has launched a campaign requesting so that the use of methomyl will be limited to professionals. At least in this way we could effectively prevent the uncontrolled sale of Lanate. Signatures are gathered in order to prove to the decision makers that the people of the island are against animal poisoning, hence against the unrestrained use of methomyl.

Cyprus Greens are asking the MPs that will have to vote for the law, to be fully aware of the importance of the need for registered use of methomyl. MPs should be responsible enough to pay the necessary attention before voting on who will be allowed to purchase the pesticide and for which use.

Alexia Sakadaki – 10/6/2010

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