dogOver the past few days there has been an increasing trend of abusive behavior against animals and particularly dogs. Poisoning has become a frequent phenomenon reported daily on the news. Shame! Brutality! Disgrace! Who is to hold the political responsibility for these recent acts of reckless abuse and poisoning of animals?

A few days back, the House of Representatives rejected the legislative proposal for regulating sales on the Lanate pesticide. All Members of the Parliament voted against with the exception of Mr. George Perdikes, MP on behalf of the Cyprus Greens. It is therefore expected of all these MPs to reason the uncontrolled consumption of Lanate beyond agricultural purposes and evaluate the consequences of their actions.

Unfortunately, the police force is not responding to civilian complaints on the matter, even though it is legally bound to execute criminological procedures in cases of poison fatalities. Instead, a considerable percentage of police officers urge the public to cancel their filed prosecutions.

Even if some people cannot value an animal’s life, let us at least consider the potential dangers behind placing poisonous pesticides in parks or fields, where small children play and hang out. Let us at least protect our children from possible poisoning.

Alexia Sakadaki

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