ClimateChangeClimate change is one of the biggest challenges that humanity is called to deal with. It is not an exaggeration to argue that the problem is affecting most of the aspects of our life, such as health, economy, environment etc.

According to recent researches, millions of people in each corner of the planet are influenced by climate change. Just to give an example, it is estimated that more than 300.000 people per year are dying, being victims of climate change.

More than that, being in a period of financial crisis, we should seriously consider taking action on climate change and prevent further expenses that pollution would cause adding to the strain of state funds. Recent calculations estimate that more than 125 trillion dollars are spent yearly on damages created by the effects of climate change.

The Treaty of Kyoto, that was adopted in 1997 and entered into force in 2005, aimed to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations, so that further dangerous climate changes would be prevented. Nevertheless, the last reports coming from the European Environment Agency are disappointing.

How important is Cyprus in dealing with climate change, considering its size?

This is one of the most common questions raised in panels and discussions related to action on climate change. Each of us is responsible for protecting the environment and providing a good living standard for the next generations. Each person separately should be aware so that the air that our children will breathe will be healthier than the one we breathe (and not worse). Therefore, yes, Cyprus is important in dealing with climate change, as each unique person is important.

The 6th of December 2009 is the World Day for Action on Climate Change and there are going to be numerous events taking place all over the world. The events are organized to apply pressure on governments to take binding decisions to stop climate change. The 6th of December is the day before the initiation of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, that will take place in Copenhagen from the 7th – 18th of December 2009.

The Cyprus Green Party has officially launched its petition to collect signatures and proposals aimed at the Cypriot government. It is time for the people of Cyprus to raise their voice and equip the President of Cyprus with thousands of signatures on his way to Copenhagen.

Different events are organized all over the island with the aim of enlightening people about the importance of preventing climate change. The climax of the events will be in December. On the 6th of December the Cyprus Green Party, with the cooperation and support of other environmental organizations, will participate in the World Action Day, at the Presidential Palace’s roundabout at 12.00 midday, in order to spread the message: Climate is in our hands! On the 16th of December at 8 pm at the Presidential Palace, the Cyprus Green Party will devote an Hour For The Earth, where we will all switch off our lights and send a message to the world leaders that we want to stop climate change.

Even if researchers and scientist send a negative message concerning our planet’s condition, we can all try and turn the earth around. We can all make a difference. Climate change is here. What are we doing about it?

Alexia Sakadaki – 29/10/2009

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