Help the Earth

Help the Earth

Climate change has become the topical issue lately, as we see how much publicity, discussion and debate there has been around the issue in recent days through the involvement of the heads of states at the World Summit in Copenhagen. Media and organized groups have contributed to this significantly throughout the course of the summit but now the World Summit is over.

The bet now is whether the issue will remain in the news as the fight continues to tackle perhaps the biggest danger humanity is facing today. Our efforts on climate change must not stop with the end of the conference in Copenhagen.

The Prime Minister of Toumpalou attended the conference in Copenhagen with the desire to ‘shake up’ the participants for the future of his country and other islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Rising temperatures are leading to rising sea levels, threatening the existence of islands in the region. Climate change has caused major damage from hurricanes and tidal waves. The worst scenario would be the disappearance of the islands.

It is everyone’s duty to show responsibility towards the affected countries and furthermore towards future generations that, in the worst circumstances, may never know the world map the way we know it today.


Let us not forget that Cyprus too is an island. Unfortunately, climate change will continue to exist well after the meeting in Copenhagen.

Alexia Sakadaki – 23/12/2009

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