Earth Hour 2010On March 27, 2010 Cyprus will once again turn off the lights for Earth Hour, promoting powerfully our love and hope for the Environment. Our voice will join with the voices of thousands across the world, sharing the same concern for the salvation of our planet.

At the last count, there will be 579 cities worldwide with representation by other municipalities in 77 countries participating in the event, sending the message declaring the need to adopt a joint resolution to tackle Climate Change.

The Cyprus Green Party, in cooperation with the Pedagogical Institute, the Ecological Movement of Cyprus and the Youth Ecologists will be organizing the events that will take place on our island this coming year.

At the invitation of the Cyprus Green Party, Nicosia Town Hall, Limassol Town Hall and Deryneia Town Hall will be participating in the event with many others expected to join in as well. The aim is to have the citizens of our island join their voices with the rest of the people around the world.

Many famous buildings in the world will participate in this year’s Earth Hour. Some of these buildings are the Tower of Toronto, the Golden Bridge in San Francisco, the Grand Palace in Bangkok, the London Eye, the Peace Monument in Hiroshima and the Parthenon in Greece. All will switch off their lights to highlight the importance of the issue of Global Warming due to Greenhouse Gas Emissions on our planet.

As stated by the Director of the World Earth Hour, Andy Ridley “By turning the lights off their landmarks for Earth Hour, cities are reflecting the aspirations of their citizens as a community that has resolved to take action on global warming”.

Alexia Sakadaki

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